Monthly Archives: December 2019

Ep. 074 – Who cares about the end of 2019??

Here’s a little short and sweet episode for you guys! Patrick and Ross just got home from P’s big show and wanted to do some processing. So much gratitude and appreciation and thankfully not as much second guessing as usual. The pair also chat about the incoming New Year and the outgoing 2019 through the eyes of Barack Obama. Enjoy and thanks for all the listens over the past year!!

Ep. 072 – Who cares about genital reveal parties??

This week Ross and Patrick talk about sex, love, parenthood, and of course, Peggy. They’ve got some news and they’re ready to over share. Get into it!

Ep. 071 – Who cares about weekend getaways??

Ross, Patrick, and Peggy joined chosen family Eddie and Gregory in Boiceville, NY for the weekend. With a stocked fridge, they tucked themselves away in a cabin surrounded by snow. Patrick and Gregory puzzled while Ross and Eddie definitely did not puzzle. Be teleported away while Ross and Patrick recount their weekend of rest, relaxation, overeating, and Peggy pissing everywhere.

Ep. 070 – Who cares about Thanksgiving??

This week is a short one. We’re stuffed full of turkey but wanted to drop a quick little episode to express our gratitude for all our listeners! Ya’ll are the best and we will be back next week with a proper show. Have a great week and enjoy those leftovers!!