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Ep. 104 – Who cares about vasectomies??

On today’s episode, Ross and Patrick discuss vasectomies, doctors who reinforce traumatic patriarchal values, and then seamlessly segue into life’s minutia. Serving you classic Who Cares nonsense. Did I mention they’re tired all the time? Rate, review, and subscribe if you haven’t already. Ross and Patrick need sleep and reviews.

Ep. 103 – Who cares about bodies, embodiment, and sex?

On today’s show, Ross and Patrick delve into life as parents and how different they feel about their own individual bodies- You know… Sexually. Pretty cool, right? Their lives have significantly changed and so have their libidos. Is it going to be a slutty summer for the new Mom and Dad? Tune in to find out how they’re handling it all on this new episode of Who Cares!

Ep. 102 – Who cares about babysitting??

We hired a sitter to get this one done so dear god please listen. Thanks for keeping us in your subscription queue!! We plan to be back weekly from now on. But we’ll let you know next week.

Ep. 101 – Who cares about parenting bullcrap??

Our 101st episode!! We talk all about the junk we’ve geared up with to keep a baby alive for nearly 8 months. We complain about internet marketing and the parental industrial complex but we also come through with a big recommendation: If you have a new child who won’t sleep, you need to get a mechanical bull.

Ep. 100 – Who cares about episode 100??

Can you believe it?!?! They made it to episode 100! It only took 3 years, recording inconsistently, and some major life upheavals but they did it. Ross and Patrick take a walk down memory lane but not without discussing politics and The Bachelor. It wouldn’t be 100 episodes of Who Cares if they didn’t bounce around from topic to topic like they forgot to take their adderall. Viewer, thank you for coming on this journey with Ross and Patrick and here’s to a 100 more! Love you!

Ep. 099 – Who cares about Far Right Clubs??

We recorded this episode on the morning of January 20, 2021 in the hours before Joe Biden was inaugurated. Patrick is thinking about joining a far right extremist group and he tells Ross all about the cool options out there

Ep. 098 – Who cares about what we watch??

Content content content!!! The Bachelorette, Dolly Parton, and MURDER. Here’s what we’re watching this holiday season. Well, throughout 2020 I guess.

Ep. 097 – Who cares about sleep training??

Ross and Patrick have been completely preoccupied by new parenthood and haven’t found a moment to record… until now! They missed you so. Hopefully you don’t mind that “who cares” has become less sexy, and more sleep deprived and child obsessed. They warned you when Ross got pregnant, all bets are off and so are the sex parties, at least for a little while. Join Ross and Patrick on their tour of sleep training a 5 month old baby and what it does to the adult brain. Enjoy!

Ep. 094 – Who cares about solo parenting??

The Holbertineaus check in about Patrick’s adventures in child rearing by himself

Ep. 093 – Who cares about Taint Tuesday??

Patrick and Ross get together to talk through childhood anxieties and the current cricks in their necks